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006: Stop Being a Victim with this Simple Mindset Shift

You can be pitiful or you can be powerful but you can’t be both at the same time.

[Joyce Meyer]


Feel like tearing your hair out?
That’s understandable .

Running at full speed to get everything done?
Yeah, me to.

Fed up with the relentless demands that keep coming your way?
I get it.

Feeling sorry for yourself?
That’s up to you.

Because you choose how you show up in the world.

Are you the mum who moans about how hard it was to get the kids out of the house that morning?

Or are you the mum that, despite fighting that very same battle, chooses to be cheerful?

Sometimes a warm smile or a friendly good morning makes a world of difference. If only to yourself.

What will you choose SuperMum?

Check out this week’s episode of The Friday Café where Michelle Dawson and I talk about ‘poor me’ syndrome.

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Don’t forget to look for that silver lining this week and tell me in the comments,

‘What great thing did you find in a bad situation?’ You’ll find my answer in the comments below.

Go Conquer Motherhood!

Lisa York x

Show Notes:

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Lisa York

Lisa believes a happy mum brings up happy kids who become happy adults. With four children aged 7, 6, 4 and 2, being kind to herself is an ongoing challenge. But she’s trying.

Lisa lives with her family in Canberra, Australia.

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5 replies
  1. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    I really enjoyed this one, and will make a big effort to look on the bright side, which I generally do, but there is room for improvement!

  2. Dina El Messidi
    Dina El Messidi says:

    Loved this week’s show. I’m like you Lisa always have a smile on my face & stay positive no matter what. Life is so short to stress or complain about anything.
    I always look to the bright side when bad things happen, whether I had a bad day or for example my I have to take my car back to the garage for the 2nd time this month. God knows how much it’s gonna cost me, but everything happens for a reason. We should always thank God for everything. Whatever’s meant to be will happen. We should just try to do our best on being happy & pleasing the people whom we love.

  3. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    Glad you liked it Mandie. You’re up next!

  4. Mandie
    Mandie says:

    Another fab listen! And so so very true. Positivity all the way

  5. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    Hope you enjoyed this weeks show? Please give me your feedback because it helps me know if I’m on the right track. I’m here to serve you.

    So this weeks challenge is to find a silver lining in a bad situation and let me know what it was. Here’s mine.

    Soon after Benny was diagnosed with leukaemia, he was due to have an operation to inject chemotherapy into his spine. I was already stressed and tired and getting over the shock of his diagnosis. It was yet another a big day, after weeks and weeks of big days. I chucked the kids in the car at 7am, clutching their breakfast and dumped them at a friends house to take them to school, before heading off to hospital. As I arrived, my blood went cold when I realised that Benny too, had eaten breakfast. Yikes! He was meant to be nil by mouth. I was in floods of tears as I got out the car, and collapsed in a pile of tears on a fellow leukaemia dad who happened to be in the hospital car park. Fortunately, the nurses said Benny could have his operation, but would have to wait several hours for his stomach to empty. So I frantically sorted out a friend to pick Fred and Alex up from school and give them dinner and settled in for the long wait. After 5 long hours, our turn came up. And the doctor announced that Benny’s blood count wasn’t good enough for him to go ahead with the operation. The blood results that they had in their hands at 8am that morning. I was livid! I called for the big-wig consultant to come and see me and I demanded to know why such a thing could happen, and the impact it had on me and my family.

    What’s funny about that?

    It was only when I got back to the car, I realised the side zip of my dress was undone and I’d been showing off my underwear all day! I was mortified! But boy, it certainly made light of a dreadful day when I retold the story.

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