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011: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making your Dreams come True | Victoria Kate

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

[H. Jackson Brown, Jr.]


Today’s episode of Mum-to-Mum Monday is all about fulfilling your goals and ambitions – the key word being fulfilling. That’s right, we take those dreams right out of your head and make them come alive.

My guest today is SuperMum, Victoria Kate. Vicky and her 9 year old son Finley live just a stone’s throw from the beautiful beach in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England.

Vicky is living proof that our dreams really can come true as she follows her life long passion to work for herself as a Life Coach whilst looking out from her desk to the sea. And after 24 years of having the dream of being an author in her head, she is finially writing the book that she’s always wanted.

Today, Vicky will ‘give your heart eyes’, as she so eloquantly puts it. One of the foundation stones to this is learning to understand what your goals really are and making them your own.

Not what your family, or your partner or society think your goals should be. Just you.

This way, when you attain them, you’ll finally be truely fufilled, rather than left cold and wanting the next big thing.

Through the use of positive thinking and visual images Vicky will step us through the process of how to be successful in achieving everything our heart desires, and not be restricted by limiting beliefs.

Using the metaphore of a lighthouse, Vicky will teach us how, as a mother, it’s important to keep our own light shining strong and bright so we can light the way for our children rather than casting dark shadows behind us and letting them find their own way.


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In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How you turn dreams, goals or ambitions into something tangible. Something real
  • How focusing on positive thoughts brings positive experiences into your life through the concept that ‘like attracts like’
  • Visioning. What it is, and how it can benefit you
  • How to get clarity around your goals and determine, once and for all, what it is that you really do want
  • The step-by-step process to fulfilling your dreams and turning them into reality
  • How to think big and stop constraining your ambitions by limiting what you think is possible
  • How to prioritise your goals so you focus on the ones that will make the most impact



 Hope you enjoy todays show!


Please leave a comment:

Tell us in the comments. If you could dream big and not be constrained by your limiting beliefs, what would your dream be? Sharing your big dream with our other SuperMum’s might just be the the nudge you need to set you off on the path to fufilling it.

Now, Go Conquer Motherhood!

Lisa York x

Show Notes:

VICKY’S WEBSITE: Victoria Kate

BOOK: Mind Calm: The Modern-Day meditation Technique that Proves the secret to Success is Stillness by Sandy Newbigging

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

FIND TODAY’S SHOW AT: www.Lisa-York.com/011

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Lisa York

Lisa believes a happy mum brings up happy kids who become happy adults. With four children aged 7, 6, 4 and 2, being kind to herself is an ongoing challenge. But she’s trying.

Lisa lives with her family in Canberra, Australia.

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17 replies
  1. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    Awww, thanks so much Nellie. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Victoria is my best friend – she’s awesome!! xx

  2. Nellie
    Nellie says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear right now! Thank you very much!! I love your work Lisa. I wish you abundant success.

  3. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    Thanks. So glad you like it

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    shooter shooter game says:

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  5. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    Love it Nureena. Two goals in one!

    I’m currently working on getting The SuperMum Podcast live on Facebook!

  6. Nureena
    Nureena says:

    I’ve not listened to the podcast but my target is to take my earplugs and listen on my walk down to yoga each day next week.
    This one, Vicky, is the first on my list.
    I’m loving the conversation it has created.
    My dream for now, is to have my kitchen/dining room ready in the next 3 weeks (very practical!).

  7. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    To publish my book
    Here’s to our synergy of heart and head and continuing manifestation of our true desires.
    Love and laughter xxx

  8. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Ooo I love this Cecily!! :-D
    And you’ve inspired me too …my next vision workshop I’m going to use some essential oils to get more creative senses flowing! Thank you xxx

  9. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    From completely simple through to the most elaborate. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. I love it Cecily! (I’m a fellow Jasmine lover as well)

  10. Cecily Thornton
    Cecily Thornton says:

    Thanks Vicky, as one who relishes the arts, I like this concept of a visual representation of all those things that capture your interest and nourish your soul. I have recently made lists of things that appeal, from little things like green velvet ribbons and the scent of jasmine to big things like doing a nursing degree! We are all unique, it may turn up some surprises! The lighthouse analogy is brilliant, it is good to take the time to understand yourself and the way you respond to others in order to develop situational awareness and more meaningful relationships. Happy relationships are key to my dreams! Feeling enlightened (!!)

  11. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    Thanks Vicky. I think achieving your dreams takes a combination of both heart and head. You need to think big without the constraint of limiting beliefs that you were talking about, follow your intuition and have faith that things will work out, even if you haven’t a clue as to how right now. But as you know, I’m also fiercely practical with the taking action part!

    As for my next dream, how long have you got? My head is like a science lab of dreams bubbling away, all in different stages of progress. Small ones, big ones, middle-sized ones. Short term, long term and dreams with a cherry on top!

    How about you? What’s your next big dream?

  12. Vicky
    Vicky says:

    Lisa you are a perfect example of following your heart and not your head. Some people would put a belief out there that it’s impossible to achieve what you are doing as they are operating out of their head and their thought process and logic. This is useful when performing actions but not when you are manifesting a dream.
    So, what’s your next dream? ☺️

  13. Vicky
    Vicky says:

    Loving hearing about your dreams, it’s so exciting seeing life’s limitless possibilities manifest. Joy is waiting for you, just look with your heart.

  14. Vicky
    Vicky says:

    Your dream sounds wonderful Armelle.
    Make sure you ask yourself why the most important part would be owning it? As this could be for example, a barrier.
    Life’s gifts are limitless – so focus on the ‘what’ not the ‘how’. The how will then appear before you when the time is right, it will be obvious, and you can then action it.
    So to help your dream come alive keep asking yourself “what will this give me?”
    And then when you are feeling that emotion it will be a great time to do your vision board!
    Good luck ☺️
    Ps. I LOVE this dream!!!

  15. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    It sounds idyllic Mel. Looking forward to sipping tea on the veranda with you

  16. Armelle Swan
    Armelle Swan says:

    I have a dream of owning a stone cottage near the sea-where I can make paintings and grow vegetables. The most important element being to own this little sanctuary.

  17. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    My biggest dream recently has been launching this podcast! It’s been a huge learning curve, and it still feels like I’m climbing a mountain, but I DID IT!!

    If you could dream big and not be constrained by your limiting beliefs, what would your dream be?

    Vicky and I are looking forward to answering your questions and hearing about your dreams.

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