140: Living a Healthier, More Mindful, and More Compassionate Life

with Clarissa Hughes

Let’s stop judging our insides on other people’s outsides. 

[Clarissa Hughes]

Clarissa Hughes is a Mindfulness Coach, an author, and a speaker. After being forced to leave a corporate job she loved in a large Australian multi-national, Clarissa came face to face with the reality of juggling being a single mum and working for a small business that didn’t give her the flexibility she needed at the time. Exhausted, Clarissa eventually cracked under the pressure and burnt out. At a time when she felt like life wasn’t much fun, Clarissa stumbled across the concept of mindfulness and decided to train to become a mindfulness coach.

Two years ago, Clarissa left her corporate job. She now lives in Sweden, and her life has changed for the better. She now teaches her clients how to incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion into their everyday, busy lives. Through her work, Clarissa helps people feel calmer, more aware, more alive and aligned with what truly matters in life.

In this episode, you’ll learn how you can incorporate short mindful interventions into your daily life and what you can do when you start to feel frazzled and overwhelmed. You’ll also find out why building good, healthy habits is the foundation of living a healthier life that will sustain you during the busiest and most challenging times of your life. And finally, you’ll discover a way to become kinder and more compassionate to yourself so you can start to say no when you feel things are getting on top of you.

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