137: Empowering Mums to Become Successful Consultants

with Amy Rasdal

You can have a meaningful, high-earning, and powerful career on your own, where you decide the what, when, where, and how much. 

[Amy Rasdal]

Fifteen years ago, Amy Rasdal left her corporate job to start her own consulting business. Today, through her brand Billable with Baby, she helps other working mums leave the corporate world and start their own successful consulting businesses. Amy makes it possible for women who love their job and have years of experience and education behind them, to gain the confidence and courage they need to build businesses that work around their families. Because having a baby doesn’t mean having to make financial or professional sacrifices!

Through her practical approach and advice, Amy empowers mums to identify the skills that make them experts at what they do, so they can start to offer the right services to the people who need them and charge their worth. Amy believes that your business should make you money from the word go because that’s the only way to create a career that truly gives you the freedom and flexibility to live a life on your terms and no one else’s.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the exact three steps you can take to secure your first clients and create a solid business that will generate money quickly. You’ll also find out how not to underprice yourself, why getting a website or professional headshots shouldn’t be your priorities when you first start out, and how confidence and financial planning play a big role in your consultancy business.

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