135: Finding Your Real Purpose in Life

with Lore Earley-Goldstein

Sometimes we put on the breaks because we’re scared of stepping into the unknown. 

[Lore Earley-Goldstein]

Lore Earley-Goldstein has a gift. She can read people at soul level. Originally a teacher, Lore re-trained in traditional psychotherapy after realising that something just wasn’t adding up for her. Feeling lost, inadequate, and often ‘broken’, she struggled for a long time – deep down she knew she was meant to be on a different path and do greater work. Eventually, Lore found the courage to release the baggage that no longer served her and to start living according to who she really is, at soul level. She found her purpose. And now she helps others learn what their purpose is, so they can use their unique strengths and skills to build careers and relationships where they can thrive and flourish.

Lore’s journey in moving away from a life that was built on external expectations wasn’t easy. It involved a lot of soul-searching, and she went through an extremely emotional and difficult time, which even resulted in the end of her first marriage. While going through divorce, Lore also walked away from her career in psychotherapy, but it all paid off. She’s now married to her soulmate and has built a successful career around her deep calling.

In this episode, you’ll learn how deciding to tune into your own unique set of strengths can help you make the leap to do something more meaningful with your life, so you can experience what it feels like to live ‘in flow’, whatever you decide to do. You’ll also find out how by understanding yourself, your partner, and your children on a deeper level, you can build stronger relationships and let go of the guilt that comes from blindly following the rules and expectations that you think society has dictated for you.

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