133: The Power of Positive Psychology

with Stephanie Myerscough

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. 

[Matt Cameron]

Mum-of-two and Let’s Conquer Motherhood member Stephanie Myerscough has recently packed her bags and her whole life and moved to Italy with her husband and young children. While she’s still busy getting used to a new country, culture, and language and settling her family in, Stephanie is also studying for a post-graduate Master Degree in Applied Positive Psychology, attending lessons between the UK and France.

Following the demands of her husband’s job, Stephanie and her family have moved home several times over the last few years, and while life has certainly been full on, Stephanie is embracing the opportunities that are coming her way and making the most of what she’s learning through her degree and within the Let’s Conquer Motherhood membership.

In this episode, Stephanie introduces us to the concepts of thriving and flourishing. If you’ve ever had times when you felt you were just nodding along and navigating through life with no real intention, you may have found yourself in ‘survival mode’. As Stephanie points out, while this is something a lot of mums experience, it’s common to lack the knowledge and tools that can help us transition from a negative mental state to a more positive one. One where you’re not just surviving, but where you’re also thriving.

By the end of this interview, you’ll learn an easy, practical technique that you can use at any time to check in with yourself to become more in tune and aware of your emotions and the way you’re feeling. If you ever find yourself in burnout or survival mode, you’ll see that there are always ways to make changes and turn your day around.

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