129: Mums and Career: Returning to Work with Confidence

with Janine Esbrand

Begin with the end in mind

[Stephen Covey]

When Janine Esbrand became pregnant with her first son, she started questioning her high-flying career as a busy corporate lawyer. Working late into the night with a nanny looking after her son full time no longer seemed like the perfect solution. After a year off on maternity leave, Janine decided to abandon her dream of becoming a partner in a law firm and get a part-time job as an in-house legal counsel instead. A choice that allowed her to spend time with her family but also pursue the legal career she had been working so hard for.

Fast forward a few years, Janine is now the owner of LightBOX Coaching – a company that supports ambitious women who want to continue or kick-start their careers beyond motherhood. Through a signature course, one-to-one sessions, and her membership programme, Janine provides return-to-work coaching, training, and resources for both individuals and organisations. So if you noticed that your priorities and values have shifted now that you’re a mum, and you feel you may need to walk away from your career, Janine will show you that you don’t have to.

By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how you can have a career that you love which is also compatible with raising your family. You’ll learn how you can rebuild your confidence, discover and leverage your strengths (both at home and in the workplace), and ensure that your career choices meet your personal and family values. You’ll also pick up some very practical tips to help your colleagues and managers recognise you as a valuable member of the team. Because being a mum doesn’t mean you can’t go for the role or promotion that you really want!

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