128: Body Image: Listen to your Body and Learn to Accept it

with Renee Avis

We need to accept our bodies more and talk to ourselves in a nicer way 

[Renee Avis]

Mum-of-two Renee Avis has the life-altering job of helping women who are struggling with body image, post-partum depression and anxiety, and eating disorders. As a Licensed Professional Counsellor she helps clients recognise their condition, and learn how to accept and love their bodies again.

Fulfilling her passion as a therapist, Renee’s worked in treatment facilities and private practice for 12 years. She teams up with dieticians to support her patients in their journey from understanding and accepting their struggles to regaining control and achieving a healthier balance with food and nutrition.

Renee explains that an eating disorder massively impacts behaviour and lifestyle on a daily basis, so helps her clients dig deep to explore the internal narrative that may be stopping them from being kinder to themselves. One step at a time, she helps them to reframe their thinking and to start focusing on the self-care activities that they resonate with, which ultimately enables them accept their body more.

In this episode, you’ll learn to pick up on the important clues that could indicate that you, or a fellow mum, is struggling with an eating disorder. You’ll understand how loneliness and depression can be both a cause and an effect of an eating disorder, and how unrealistic expectations and unhelpful ideals in society may be stopping you from accepting your post-partum body. Whether you have an eating disorder or not, you’ll discover how important it is to tune in and listen to your body and the signals it’s sending you to. By doing so, you’ll learn how to accept and love your body, wobbly bits and all.

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