127: How to Reconnect to You in the Mayhem of Motherhood

with Zoe Blaskey

All I’ve got is this present moment. And it’s all happening perfectly

[Zoe Blaskey]

When Zoe Blaskey’s daughter was born everything changed. Despite being a trained meditation and yoga teacher and having a strong self-care practice, Zoe abandoned the daily habits that had given her so much inner strength over the years.

She found herself overcome by fear and anxiety and, like many mums, started comparing herself to others. With her self-esteem hitting rock bottom, the negative patterns she was once so familiar with made an unwelcome comeback, and her self-critical voice became really loud.

Thankfully Zoe, now a coach, podcaster and speaker, knew exactly what to do. Through her training and experience, she gradually started to re-connect with the things she knew worked for her – community, meditation, yoga, and journaling.

In a way, Zoe was lucky. Even though she found herself lost in the mayhem of early motherhood, she had the right tools to overcome her fear and anxiety. This is why, on a rainy Thursday afternoon, Zoe decided to start Motherkind. Through her blog, podcast and coaching, she shares her experience and knowledge to help and support other mums through testing times.

In this episode, you’ll understand why your brain is wired for anxiety and fear and learn how you can look within yourself to overcome the big emotions that come with motherhood. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a number of really easy-to-implement tools that will help you find or re-connect with who you are. You’ll learn to stop living out of obligation and start living the life that you want to live instead. Because like Zoe says, your children are only young once, and this is the only chance you’ll get to enjoy these precious years.

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