126: How to ‘Define You’ and Unlock your Own Potential

with Fiona Murden

Our behaviour is at the core of what we do. Yet, we have very little understanding of why we act a certain way.

[Fiona Murden]

Fiona Murden is a psychologist, bestselling author, speaker and mum of two girls. She’s passionate about helping others fulfil their own potential and works tirelessly with her clients to encourage them to uncover their strengths and discover what really makes them tick. This is particularly important for you as a mum because you know how easy it is to let motherhood consume you and lose sight of who you are.

That’s exactly what Fiona experienced eleven years ago, when her first daughter was born. She was overjoyed to be a mum, but at the same time ached for more. It’s only when she went back to an old passion – snowboarding – that she realised her true self had changed and evolved since becoming a mum.

Fiona is the author of ‘Defining You: How to Profile Yourself and Unlock your Full Potential‘, where she helps people find a way to fit their existing and new passions into their current lives. The book helps you discover your strengths, gives you an understanding of what really drives you, and teaches you which environments will help you to excel.

In this episode, you’ll learn why fact-based, non-judgemental self-awareness can be the key to curbing your mummy-guilt. You’ll also learn an easy-to-implement technique that you can start using right now to ask for constructive feedback from others, including your own children!

If you feel like you’ve ‘lost your spark’, by the end of this episode, you’ll understand why it’s worth making time and space to ask yourself what you really need in this phase of your life, and how you can use your connections and networks to redefine yourself and unlock your full potential.

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