122: Optimise your Health and Wellbeing One Mouthful at a Time

with Liz Sergeant

The first act of self-care is nourishing yourself with wholesome food

[Liz Sergeant]

As the mum of a small baby and a two year old, Liz Sergeant knows first hand how much of her energy her kids use up. But unlike the rest of us, Liz has a sneaky advantage.

She’s a registered nutritionist and understands that what you eat not only affects your energy levels, but also your sleep quality, mood, concentration, digestion, body shape and many other health complaints. 

Liz believes that the foundation of good nutrition and health is based on eating real foods. She also knows that mums lead busy lives, and with so much conflicting dietary advice out there, this can be a lot harder than it sounds. She founded The Well Nourished Club to help cut through the confusion and support people to change their diet, improve their nutrition and achieve their goals.

But this episode goes beyond just food. Liz takes a holistic approach and as well as talking about nutrition, we discuss adapting to motherhood while running a business, avoiding burnout, and getting the balance right by recognising your limitations and being realistic in what you can achieve. 

Your body is your most precious possession and Liz is here to help you look after it. By the end of this episode you will cast aside the chocolate cake, reclaim your flagging energy, and, like Liz, may even consider eating vegetables for breakfast!

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