120: Mummy Project: A Year of Make Do and Mend

with Jen Gale

You have the power to change the things you don’t agree with 

[Jen Gale]

With kids comes clobber. The toys, the clothes, the special equipment. Bigger car. Bigger house. More storage. It goes on and on. But what would happen if you decided not to buy anything new for a year?

I loathe shopping, but even I gasped in shock. What nothing? For a whole year? Impossible.

Well not for Jen Gale. In 2012/13 when her two boys were small, she decided to give it a try. Just for fun. It was a bit of a diversion from changing nappies and running around after children all day.

Little did she know that her Make Do and Mend project would lead her to running a successful blog and podcast and having a Facebook group with 16,000 members.  She’s appeared on National TV and in the Guardian newspaper (UK), and has even done a TEDx talk. At the beginning of this year, Jen turned her project into a business when she launched her online membership program, the Sustainable Living Hub.

As you can imagine, I had a lot of questions for Jen. In this episode, you’ll find out how she managed special occasions like Christmas and kids birthdays when spending is almost inevitable. How she handled getting the necessary things you need for kids, such as car seats. What happened when essential items, like the washing machine, broke down. And the big one, how she got her husband on board with her seemingly wacky plan.

Most mums, I imagine, would bulk at the idea of not buying anything new for a year, but it’s enlightening to hear what Jen learnt along the way about herself, her life, and the world we’re all leaving behind for our grandchildren.

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