118: Unleash Positive Thinking to Get You on Your Feet Again

with Anna Parker-Naples

It’s time to start living your life … and not just surviving it

[Anna Parker-Naples]

It’s easy to look at Anna Parker-Naples’ hugely successful life and think that some people were born lucky. Many times has she walked the glittering red carpet of Hollywood during her Voice-Acting career. She’s also an Award-Winning Audiobook Narrator and has worked with hundreds of best-selling titles and authors. To top it off, she now runs a thriving online business helping mums around the world.

Inspiring Mummy Club is an award-winning self-development membership for mums. It provides positivity, support, and personal development tools and techniques to enable mums to reclaim some time for themselves, so they can focus on their dreams, their ambitions and their sense of self.  She does this by using meditation, mindfulness, mindset, hypnosis and visualisation tools so mums can start living a happier, more balanced life.

But what amazes me most about Anna, is that in the thick of it all, she became wheel-chair bound. As a result of a problem during her third pregnancy, she was told she would never walk again. Times were hard. Her eldest child had just started school and she had a toddler and baby at home. Anna endured the long and gruelling process moving from the inevitable negativity to finding a new path, but through positive thinking, she defied all odds and started to walk again.

Today Anna shares her incredible story, and how she turned around her feeling of despair to pull herself back, start a new life and inspire other mothers along the way.

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