117: 4 Published Books, 2 Small Children and 16 Short Months

with Alex Miles

Passion is born when you catch a glimpse of your true potential

[Zig Ziglar]

Since she was  a young girl, Alex Miles always had a passion for writing. Before having children, she worked as a script writer for Neighbours; was a ghost writer for Zac Power, the popular secret-agent series for boys; and published her first book under her own name, Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride.

Alex landed a dream contract for her Starring Olive Black children’s books, being asked to write four in the series. Having small children is all consuming, but at the same time, Alex didn’t want to give up a golden opportunity that she’s been working towards for a decade. Letting this go could be a decision she’d always regret, so she bit the bullet and said yes.

In this episode, we talk about how Alex achieved the enormous undertaking of writing four books in just 16 months when her eldest son was a toddler, and she was pregnant with her next. We discuss how to get your partner on board  with your passion and the importance of good communication. We look at the practical elements – how to get that volume of work done with children around, why being organised is essential to success, and the importance of having a supportive tribe of like-minded people around you. We delve into the opportunities that open themselves up to us as mums, as well as the inevitable challenges you face when you mix following your dream with motherhood.

Alex has successfully combined her passion for writing with being the mum of two children under three. Today she shares how she achieves it, so get ready to be inspired and motivated by her incredible story.

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