116: How to Make Your Work, Work for You

with Lucy Parsons

I want to have a business and be around for my kids

[Lucy Parsons]

Like many mums, Lucy Parsons didn’t want to return to her full time job as a high school teacher once her children came along. But she also couldn’t find a fulfilling part time job that fitted around her kids, aged 8 and 6. So she looked at the online world.

As a straight ‘A’ Cambridge (UK) graduate, Lucy decided to pursue the thing that she was best at in the world; passing exams. But how can being good at passing exams help you create the dream of having a thriving online business, and still be there to pick up your kids from school? Well, Lucy is testament that anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

Lucy became an Academic Coach and started Life More Extraordinary where she empowers ambitious students to get the top grades in their exams and into their first choice of university.

In this episode Lucy shares the key components to her success. Structure, discipline and making sure she cares for her own needs before ever pulling out her laptop. Lucy teaches you the importance of structuring your time and not frittering it away, whilst at the same time not allowing your self-imposed goals to overwhelm you. She explains how she came to realise that the most important thing in her day is self care and how she disciplines herself to make sure she fits it in.

Lucy knows that the most important task is the one that will move you forward the fastest and that outsourcing things that aren’t her strengths makes her happy. By being savvy with how she plans her work, she’s able to spend maximum time with her family as a result.

Lucy thought having a life doing the things that she dreamed of as a child was reserved for the ‘chosen few’. Now she knows that you can have it all, and today she’ll show you how to make it happen.

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