115: How to Love Yourself as Much as You Love Your Kids

with Stacey Ogden

It’s OK for my child to see that I’m a work in progress

[Stacey Ogden]

Motherhood hit Stacey Ogden like a ton of bricks. Her baby was premature and the first months of her life were spent in hospital. Several years later, the attachment she had with her daughter, who is now 7 years old, was so strong that she completely gave up everything in her life for her.

The stark reality dawned on Stacey that she was so consumed by motherhood, that she no longer had a life outside being a mum. She realised that this was no good either for herself, or for her daughter, and something had to be done.

Slowly and gradually she clawed back her own identity and started a blog. Through her posts and podcast at Busy Mom Collective, Stacey now helps and supports mums who’ve experienced similar struggles as hers.

Stacey’s mission is to help mums realise that making themselves a priority isn’t selfish or neglectful. On the contrary. By being a role model for the type of adult you want your kids to be, you’re loving them in a better way. Do you really want your kids growing up thinking it’s normal to be a frenzied ball of stress that doesn’t have a life?

In this episode, Stacey encourages you to find out what what lights you up outside of your children. It’s all about self-reflection, finding something that excites you and having the discipline to go ahead and make it part of your schedule.

You’ll learn to find the balance between spending time with your children and finding time for yourself; letting go of control; making yourself a priority without feeling guilty; and changing the way you talk to yourself.

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