114: Talking About Money and Understanding its Value

with Naomi Light

Find the courage to be your best self

[Naomi Light]

Mum of 3 and founder of Gumptious, Naomi Light has always had a fascination with psychology. She loves learning about the inner workings of the mind, but it wasn’t until things in her life went horribly wrong did she realise how important the theories she’d learnt would become.

When Naomi and her husband found themselves in a failed management buyout of the family business their financial world started to unravel. Worse still they discovered the business was on the verge of collapse and they needed to bail it out of debt and re-build it. The resulting pressure of mounting debt put a big strain on their marriage and on Naomi’s health.

Naomi experienced a breakdown early in 2017. For three months she was barely able to crawl through each day and held on by a thread. But she knew she had to dig deep to turn things around. It was a slow and painful journey of self-discovery, but gradually Naomi started to come to terms with what had happened and started to see the good in it. Her story is phenomenal, and she candidly shares the highs, the lows, and the lessons learnt along the way.

In this episode we talk about money; having it, not having it, and what you should do with it. Through Naomi’s financial story, we discuss how to fall back on your core values when you don’t know which way to turn; how to shape and pursue your goals when the odds are stacked against you; and how to be grateful for the small things, even in your darkest hour. Naomi explains how she refused to be a victim of her emotions and details how she changed her mindset to find a more desired alternative to the black hole she found herself in.

By the end of the show, you’ll recognise the huge contribution you make to the financial health of your family, irrespective of whether you go out to work or not by gaining a deeper insight into the value of money, the value of yourself, and the value of others.

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