113: How to Be an Organised and Productive Mother Hustler

with Brianna Berner

Do all that you can, and all that you thought you could not

[Brianna Berner]

Brianna Berner is a professional organiser, productivity coach, and automations specialist. She’s also founder of Spiked Parenting where she hands busy parents the tools they need to organise their homes and businesses, to be more productive, and, as a result, to have more time for the important things in life.

Now, call me a nerd, but this stuff gets me all excited.

Why? Because I love knowing that I’ve gleaned the most I possibly can from those precious pockets of time without the kids. In turn, I can then give myself fully to my family when we’re together, knowing that everything that needs to be done, has.

In this episode, Brianna shares how she’s successfully been able to run her business, while, (until very recently) look after her three year old at home full time. She lets us into the secrets of how she systematises and automates the mundane to make room for those ‘big rocks’ – the things that really matter.

We talk about how to create and fine tune systems that work alongside whatever season of motherhood you’re in. You’ll discover how to schedule your to-do’s according to how much energy you have, how big your block of time is, and how likely you are to get distrurbed by your children.

You’ll leave knowing how to syphon out what is truly important and dump what isn’t, without feeling guilty about it. By doing so, you’ll make better choices about how to use your time and stop getting caught up with people pleasing or perfectionism.

And guess what? By doing so, suddenly you’ll start accomplishing your goals and feeling good about the fantastic things you’ve managed to achieve.

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