111: Mindfulness and Meditation for Mothers

with Rebecca Ryan

Stopping the mind wandering is not the goal of meditation

[Rebecca Ryan]

Former financial services professional and mum of two, Rebecca Ryan is a yoga and meditation teacher and the published author of Mindfulness for Mothers, a book that teaches you how to stay calm and present while caring for your child.

My own interest in meditation was completely lost under piles of laundry and screaming babies when I entered the frantic world of motherhood. But having used mindfulness and meditation to overcome a difficult year, I’m once again a raving fan and consider it an integral part of bettering myself as a mum.

Rebecca enjoys sharing her passion for meditation with other mothers, whether long-term meditators or newbies, and encourages her students to allow mindfulness to seep into their daily lives. She’s practical and down to earth because as a busy mum herself, understands how tricky bringing a sense of calm into our bursting-at-the-seems life can be.

In this episode, Rebecca explains why you should bother to meditate in the first place and, once convinced, how you can go about doing it. You’ll learn the three key elements of meditation that are common to all styles which will deepen your understanding and help you to simplify your practice.

Rebecca shows you that mindfulness and meditation is accessible to every mother, however busy, and encourages you to look for the natural breaks in your day in order to build a routine that works specifically for you and your lifestyle.

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