108: Understanding Your Emotions and Becoming Authentic

with Anna Seewald

We must become the people we want our children to be

[Joseph Pearce]

In the late ’80’s a horrific earthquake flattened Armenia killing thousands of people and leaving a trail of devastation. Anna Seewald was 13 at the time and, because she lost her mother, was left to deal with a world turned upside-down by herself, while the rest of the country tried to do the same.

The experience shaped and changed her, and she dedicated her life to helping and serving children. It was only when she became a mother herself did she realise that parents also need help and support so that they may help their children blossom.

As a young adult, Anna’s studies bought her to the USA and she now lives in New Jersey with her husband and their 9 year old daughter. She’s the founder of Authentic Parenting where she’s helped hundreds of parents around the world in the emotional job of parenting. Anna believes that as you raise your children, you grow yourself.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of dealing with unresolved past issues and healing from trauma. You’ll understand how to address your big emotions so you don’t become hijacked by them and manage your stress and overwhelm so you can show up more greatly in your parenting. Anna will help you make sense of your stories and break free of harmful patterns and triggers to become more authentic in your parenting.

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