107: Taking Off the Blinkers and Waking up to Life

with Sara Bussandri

What if we stopped saying, ‘What if ?….’  and started saying, ‘Let’s…’ 

[Jeff Goins]

Sara Bussandri is an Italian mum of 3 boys aged 9, 6, and 3 and lives in London, UK. Throughout her pregnancies and around maternity leave Sara continued her career as Business Analyst.
But by 2016 the heavy pace of holding down a career, raising three boys and running a household took its toll. The stress and overwhelm of being on the hamster wheel of life made her feel like she was in survival mode and consequently felt unfulfilled in all areas of her life.

Things had to change, but it took a (literal) bang to her head to jolt her into making the difficult decision to take a break from her work. With a broken leg, she started a blog and carved out a new career as a freelance writer and soon-to-be author which gave her the freedom and flexibility to work around her children.

She now writes passionately on her Mind Your Mamma blog as well as for various publications, including the Huffington Post UK about her journey on the path to self-awareness and self-discovery.

Her path to a better life was long, slow and painful, but ultimately successful. Today she shares her transformation from living on ‘auto-pilot’ to creating a more mindful and intentional life for herself and her family.

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