106: Caring for Yourself; Let’s Get Radical

with Kate Alexandra

It’s time to stop glorifying ‘busy’, take a deep breath and slow down

[Kate Alexandra]

Kate Alexandra is a Sydney-based yoga and meditation teacher, the mum of two small children, and a passionate advocate of the importance of nurturing yourself.

Her self-care journey began soon after she entered motherhood and came as a result of caring for her very high needs baby. Severely lacking sleep and stressed to the max, she developed post-natal anxiety, severe insomnia and her mental health crumbled.

Seeing similar problems with others, Kate founded the Radical Self-Care Project which began life as a humble instagram ‘challenge’ back in December 2015. Today, she hosts her own podcast, has developed a 28-day E-Course, and most recently has launched the Radical Self Journal through a successful crowd funding project.

Kate assures you that self-care isn’t indulgent, or limited to simply treating yourself. By taking care of yourself you’ll get to know yourself better and by making it part of your daily life, not only are you sending love inwards to yourself, you become more loving and caring to everyone around you. Your partner and kids will thank you for it.

In this episode you’ll discover what Radical Self-Care means and why a ‘one size fits all approach’ doesn’t work. You’ll learn about the ‘Yoga of Parenthood’ a mindset tool around the vitally important practices of surrender, sleep and self-compassion. We talk about how to be more intentional in doing the things that fill you up and you’ll leave with the ability to craft your own unique self-care practice.

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