105: Watch Out! There’s a Monster Mum About

with Libby Want

Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head

Libby Want is the author of Monster Spray Mum, a story book that helps children who are scared of monsters. The book was brought about by her own son’s fears and inspired by his wonderful imagination.

And of course, behind every successful mother is a monster of a real-life story.

Libby spent years trying to conceive and eventually, after 4 years of emotionally exhausting IVF cycles had two boys, who are now 4 and 2.

She celebrated conceiving her children by eating, and with both pregnancies gained roughly 28kg which she subsequently shed, twice.

In this episode we talk about Libby’s journey including the power of community, particularly when it’s not a supportive one. And how to successfully follow your passion simply by just doing it.

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