104: Reclaim your Body, Energy and Confidence; Two Minutes at a Time

with Lizzy Williamson

Transforming the way you feel starts with just two minutes

[Lizzy Williamson]

When you see Lizzy Williamson’s broad, infectious smile beaming out at you from one of her exercise videos, it’s easy to think she’s got it all together. She has. But it wasn’t always that way.

When her daughters, now aged 11 and 9, we’re a baby and a toddler, life was very different. She suffered post partum depression, and things got so bad she wanted to harm her baby. The regular manta that whirled around and around in her head was, “I want to die”. As a woman who’d always been positive, upbeat and successful, this came as a shock. But for Lizzy, it was real. She reached a crossroads in her life, and had a choice. Fall into a dark pit or find a way out. She chose movement.

Lizzy clawed back a happier, healthier and more energised life through her Two Minute Moves – quick and simple exercises that you can easily integrate into your busy life. From her idillic home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Lizzy, not only has her own life right back on track, but has made Two Minute Moves a national sensation. She’s written a book, creates workout videos and has appeared on national TV.

You know you should be moving more, but sometimes that first step is the most difficult to take. Lizzy makes it simple. You can do her exercises anywhere, at no cost, and in a tiny pocket of time. No more excuses.

Today Lizzy shares her own inspiring true story and proves that you can bust stress, fight depression and reclaim your life. Two minutes at a time.

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