103: Nourish and Flourish with The Self-Care Revolution

with Suzy Reading

Self-care is health care

[Suzy Reading]

Self-care is a concept you hear flying around more and more these days. But as a busy time-poor mum already up to your eyes with to-dos, do you really want or need the extra burden of self care?

Absolutely says Suzy Reading, author of The Self-Care Revolution. Suzy is mum to Charlotte and Ted who are 7 and 3. She’s a Chartered Psychologist and qualified yoga teacher specialising in wellbeing, and knows first hand that self-care is an essential part of being a successful mum.

With all the pressure that falls upon you as a mum, spending time nourishing yourself will help you to heal, to cope, to buffer yourself from future stress, and enable you to become your best self.

Today Suzy will demystify what self-care is and help you easily access it when you’re feeling time and energy squeezed. You’ll learn about the power of micro moments of nourishment and learn to break through the barrier of mummy guilt in order to take action. She’ll introduce you to her Vitality Wheel framework and you’ll walk away with a toolkit of simple self-care practices accessible to you in the moment, when you need it the most.

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