102: Busting The Supermum Myth: Does she Really Exist?

with Anya Hayes

Life is about balance and awareness, reality not perfection

[Anya Hayes]

Modern motherhood is relentless says mum of two boys, Anya Hayes. Mums are expected to be all things to all people and hold it together without the wheels falling off. But it can be hard to remain peaceful and balanced when your kids sit on your lap while you’re on the loo.

Anya is a health and wellbeing writer and editor, and founder of Mothers Wellness Toolkit. She’s a Pilates teacher who specialises in pregnancy and postnatal and her 4th book, The SuperMum Myth has recently been launched.

Today Anya will empower you to stop feeling like a rubbish mum, by breaking down the unrealistic expectation of what it means to be a perfect mum. We address some of the big ‘Mum Gremlins’ like guilt, anxiety and self sabotage and talk about solutions to uproot negative emotions and thought patterns for good.

Anya knows that the best mum is the good-enough mum and teaches you to embrace your wonderful imperfection, so you’ll start to see yourself in a kinder light.

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