101: Stepping Off the Corporate Ladder and Keeping Mum Mighty

with Sara Campin

The fact that you worry about being a good mum means you already are one

[Sara Campin]

When Sara Campin’s daughter and son – now 5 and 2 – came along, Sara fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a mum. But although she’s incredibly grateful for this wonderful gift and loves her kids with so much intensity it hurts, the realities of parenting fell well short of her built up expectations, leaving her with feelings of disappointment and failure.

London-based Sara handled the high-stress corporate environment successfully, but motherhood proved to be rather more challenging. She suffered post natal anxiety and depression with both her children and still often feels like she’s struggling to hold it all together. I can relate to that.

At the beginning of this year, she took time out of her fast-paced career to pause and consider her core values. She subsequently made the difficult decision to step off of the corporate ladder, to spend more time with her kids and follow her true passions. She retrained as a life and change coach and founded Keeping Mum Mighty where she helps mums increase their positive well-being and find greater joy in parenthood. She’s particularly passionate about guiding mums through the difficult transition periods of motherhood.

In today’s honest and open conversation about the difficult side of motherhood, Sara shares her 5 greatest challenges in adapting from a sparkling career to motherhood. She has practical solutions for helping resolve the key issues that many mothers face,and by learning to love and nourish herself, whilst embracing and adapting to a completely different lifestyle, Sara’s been able to find greater balance, harmony and happiness in her motherhood journey.

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