097: How to Take a Back-Seat from Life in the Fast Lane

with Rachelle Glendon

The most important choice you make is what you choose to make important.

[Michael Neill]

Mum life is a rush. Rushing to do the drop off so you can get to work on time. Rushing to get the children’s dinner on the table before the hunger-monster rears its ugly head. Rushing to grab some groceries before your time without the kids is up. Rush. Rush. Rush.

But what if you could change gear and slow down a little?

That’s what Brisbane mum Rachelle Glendon did two years ago when her son Max was born.

Realizing that she’d spent her life using activity and busyness to curb the emotional pain of a difficult childhood, Rachelle wanted to change the status quo.

Emerging from a painful period of loneliness in the time after her son was born, Rachelle knew she needed to change her priorities. She confronted her emotions head on and fought the stigma of being seen as lazy or boring and chose life in the slow lane. And she lives a far more rewarding and fulfilled life because of it.

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