096: Making Mum ‘Whole’ with Occupational Therapy

with Sarah Hausler

OT’s ask, “what matters to you”, not “what’s the matter with you?”

[Ginny Stoffel]

When I hear the words Occupational Therapist, I think of someone who helps you recover from injury through a rehabilitation program. It never occurred to me that they could help mums in any other way. But I learned that because Occupational Therapists specialise in seeing the human body as a “whole”, they can help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing which allows you to live your best life.

Mum of two, Sarah Hausler is the owner of Bloom Wellbeing and has been an Occupational Therapist for 16 years in Adelaide, Australia. Through her work, and in her personal life, Sarah’s seen first hand the impact that pregnancy, childbirth and parenting has on the emotional and physical wellbeing of mums. Since becoming a mum herself, she now focuses on helping mothers to participate in meaningful activities to support a holistic approach to wellness.

In this episode we delve deeper into how Occupational Therapy can support mums. We discuss a whole range of issues including the emotional impact of sleep deprivation, and what to do when you experience a change in life priorities. We also talk about difficult topics like how to recover emotionally following a distressing or traumatic childbirth experience and the challenges of raising a child with an illness or developmental disorder.

This was an eye-opening conversation for me which has broadened my knowledge of the world of Occupational Therapy.

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