095: The Easiest Way to Be a Mindful Parent in a Messy World

with Michelle Gale

If You Want To Make Peace In Your Family, First Make Peace Within You

[Michelle Gale]

Being mindful in your day-to-day life as a busy mum can be tricky. You understand, abstractly, how beneficial it is, but taking that final step to put it into action can be a struggle. I get it. I find it incredibly difficult amongst the noise of our home, the busyness of getting through each day, and the wall to wall chores than never subside, to find space to be mindful.

That’s why I enjoyed my conversation with mindfulness teacher Michelle Gale, the author of the brand new book, “Mindful Parenting in a Messy World” and host of a podcast of the same name. Why? Because Michelle brings mindfulness right into your own kitchen while hurriedly serving up dinner and shouting through the house that you’ll be there to wipe his bottom just as soon as you’ve saved the sausages from burning.

Michelle brings the message that life is messy. But it’s right in the midst of this messiness that you’ll find your greatest potential for growth and transformation. In a practical and down-to-earth way, Michelle teaches you that the act of parenting really begins with parenting yourselves by being in tune with what is happening, right here, right now.

Today Michelle will help you through the rough spots so you’ll react less, connect more and feel at ease, so you can wholeheartedly embrace your messy life.

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