094: Help Your Teen to Stress Less by Building Healthy Habits

with Claire Ketchum

The key to sustainable, healthy habits is consistency 

[Claire Ketchum]

Having a teenager in the house can be a challenge to say the least. It’s so frustrating watching your teen make poor choices and roll their eyes at your suggestions. The battles to get them to make better choices get constantly ignored, disrupts the balance of your home and jeopardises your relationship with your child.

Enter Claire Ketchum. She has two teenagers of her own and has devoted most of her life to living and working with teens. Through her work, Claire knows that teens are far more likely to listen to a teacher, coach or friend, rather than their parent. Therefore, Claire bridges that gap in her work as a Stress Less Coach for Teens and her vast experience has given her a deep understanding of how to motivate teens.

In this episode, Claire will show you how she helps teens see and value their strengths and to be open to support in areas where they struggle. You’ll find out how she gets them out of the chronic stress loop for good, so they can create healthy habits, manage expectations better, experience more success and remain happy and healthy in school and beyond.

By following her strategies, you’ll discover a way to encourage your teen to create health habits in a way that makes your teen feel supported rather than judged. This will help you have a more harmonious home and get your relationship with your teen back on the right path.

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