093: Doing Motherhood and Life on Your Own Terms

with Nicky Raby

Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t

[Nicky Raby]

Your hopes, dreams and priorities change once you have children. Your career, that once offered personal validation before becoming a mum, no longer cuts it now children are on the scene. So how do you figure out exactly what you want from life, and more importantly, how can you make it a reality?

Actor, writer, speaker and coach, Nicky Raby will help you do just that with some careful planning and down-to-earth advice. In this episode, Nicky talks about how life has changed since having her 21 month old son, and how she juggles the unpredictable world of acting around motherhood.

It’s clear that Nicky’s grabbing life by the horns, and as a professional coach she helps other mums navigate similar changes. While it’s great that there are loads of self-development options available, Nicky takes the practical view that you can’t meditate for half a day and send off a couple of emails. Instead, she offers practical advice and suggestions to help you to find your own space, on your own terms.

Today Nicky will open you up to the possibility of  ‘and’ rather than being closed off by ‘but’. It shouldn’t be ‘successful but single’, and it shouldn’t be ‘creative but poor’. You can have both ‘creative and successful’. And it’s OK to blend together your multiple passions to create a career and life that works for you. Why let yourself be limited by the expectations of others when you can fly, just like Nicky.

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