090: Turn Your Motherhood Challenges into Your Greatest Gifts

with Jennifer Bronsnick

The more you resist life’s challenges, the more they persist

[Jennifer Bronsnick]

Jennifer Bronsnick of ‘The Mindful Family’ knows what it’s like to struggle in motherhood. Mum of three girls, Jennifer suffered post partum depression when her third daughter was born.

But Jennifer had a powerful weapon to slay the beast. A positive mindset. An attitude that told her “I know this isn’t forever” and “What can I learn from this?”

Author of ‘Mindful Mommy: 10 Secrets for Healing your Mind, Body and Spirit after Having a Baby’, Jennifer now helps mums turn a challenge into their greatest gift. She believes that the obstacles you face – and boy, motherhood brings about plenty of those – gives you an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than becoming something that you try to avoid.

In this action-packed episode, you’ll learn how to become more resilient and bounce back from overwhelming pressure and anxiety. You’ll find out how to deal with chronic stress and past trauma. And you’ll know how to handle the negative emotions that burden you.

Jennifer advocates that motherhood is about personal development, and we learn as much from our children as they learn from us. She says, “There’s no such thing as an ideal mother. Every child needs a different mother and we’re the exact mum they need us to be”

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