088: You‘re Not Just ’Mummy’, But Who Are You?

with Laneic Lavalle

Happiness isn’t something you postpone for the future, it’s something you create for today    

[Laneic Lavalle]

What happens when everything you had in your life has to be given up, and all your hopes and dreams suddenly need to change?

That’s what happened to Arizona-based Laneic Lavalle.

Shortly after her 3 year old son was born, Laneic gave up her 4 year military career as it wasn’t compatible with solo parenthood. She hit rock bottom when she realised she was completely overwhelmed by trying to hang on to a career she loved, and at the same time be a great mum to her son.

But she found her way through the fog, and redefined herself through her new business, My Name is not Mommy. She now helps other mums who have lost their identity to reconnect with who they are and create a life filled with purpose and passion.

Today Laneic helps you find the tools in your everyday life to help you retain your identity whilst still being a brilliant parent. Through her 4-step process, she’ll show you that motherhood isn’t a barrier, but a motivator for your dreams.

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