086: How to Have More Sex (Even When You Don’t Think You Want To)

with Isiah McKimmie

A great relationship starts with yourself     

[Isiah McKimmie]

Sex and intimacy is the last thing on your mind now you’re a mum. By the time you fall into bed after another exhausting day juggling balls and fulfilling demands, being a goddess between the sheets is probably fairly low on your list of priorities.

In today’s podcast you’ll understand why things have changed between you and your partner, and gain an insight into why you feel disconnected. But you’ll also learn how to reignite the sparkle and start to feel the way you did before children came on the scene.

My guest today is Isiah McKimmie.

Isiah is a Sydney-based Relationship Therapist and Sexologist who has been helping couples maintain better relationships for over seven years. She helps them discover deep love, soulful intimacy and whole-hearted sex. Isiah believes that intimacy and relationships are deeply connected to our overall happiness and that, if you have the right foundation stones in place, a happy, passionate and loving relationship is possible for everyone.

Today Isiah will make you want to jump back into bed with your hubby because of your personal connection rather than simply the act of having sex. We consider intimacy from your partners perspective and how bringing back kindness, respect and understanding to your relationship may be the key to reigniting the passion.

We address the negative association that society has about marriage and children wrecking your sex life, and the impact that your perception of your body has on your relationship.

And we talk about the practicalities of making time to reconnect, why you might just have your priorities in the wrong order and realistic tips for maintaining a loving relationship. We also delve into how to fit time to be a couple into your busy life, and why scheduling in intimacy and sex can actually be fun, rather than contrived.

I am delighted to have Isiah on my show today. She’ll help you realise why sex is so important to your relationship and why a great connection with your partner starts with yourself. You’ll gain an appreciation that by dedicating time to having a healthy, intimate relationship you’ll see the energy of your entire family change. Best of all, you’re role modelling for your children’s future relationships and giving them the precious gift of a happier family unit.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • How to put your priorities in the right order and to stop giving most attention to whoever shouts the loudest
  • The importance of self-care and how this affects your relationship with your partner, and your children
  • Why you’ve become disconnected from your partner since having children, and how you can fix it
  • Practical tips for maintaining a loving relationship despite all the demands being thrown at you
  • Being realistic in how to date your partner and losing the idea that a date has to be perfect
  • How your perception of your post-baby body affects your relationship
  • The association that having a baby will kill the intimacy that you used to have in your relationship

Hope you enjoy today’s show