080: How to Become Unstoppable as a Boss Mom, and a Family Mom

with Dana Malstaff

Being a parent isn’t about sacrificing your life for your children. Being a parent is about showing your kids what a good life lived is

[Dana Malstaff]

Running a business in tandem with bring up a family is hard work. Some days you’ll feel like you’re making slow progress and failing in all areas. Other days you’ll feel like an unstoppable train of productivity when everything goes your way.

In today’s episode of Mum-to-Mum Monday we’ll be talking about the similarities between nurturing your businesses and nurturing your children. The two can go hand-in-hand, and done right can leave you feeling happy, successful and guilt free.

My guest today is SuperMum, Dana Malstaff.

Dana set up Boss Mom – a community for mum entrepreneurs who are raising a family and a business at the same time – when she was pregnant with her first child. She went on to grow the company and write the Boss Mom book during her second pregnancy. In the 4 years since Boss Mom started, Dana has supported over 20,000 mums to build and grow their own businesses. Dana lives in San Diego, California with her husband, son and daughter who are 2 and 3 and a half.

In today’s episode Dana will help you discover the winning idea on which to base your business, and the 6 important pillars to make it a success. She walks through the routines needed to grow your company while fulfilling the demands of your family at the same time. We also talk about the downside of trying to have it all, including battling the dreaded mummy guilt.

I am so happy to have Dana on my show today. She’ll help you find your business purpose so it integrates into your present and future lifestyle. She’ll show you how to find your audience, the people you truly want to serve, and deliver to them the things that you excel in. In doing so, you can create a business you love and raise your children in the optimum way. The way that works best for you.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • What compelled Dana to set up a business and start a family both at the same time
  • How a corporate career in journalism gave Dana the perfect foundation to being her own boss
  • The vast number of similarities between running your own business and raising your kids
  • How to recognise your strengths, find your purpose and discover your business tribe
  • Why routines rock, in both your family and your business
  • How to outsource like a Boss Mom by giving up the work you’re not loving to make space for the jobs you do

Hope you enjoy today’s show