072: A Helping Hand on Your Journey Through Motherhood

with Lisa York

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey

Every week, twice a week, I bring you bursts of mummy wisdom. I love that you go away feeling inspired and renewed and full of hope that your life as a mum will be improved.

But how long does that inspiration last?

Until the kids start squabbling again? Until you’re frantically trying to get dinner on the table before everyones blood sugar crashes? Until you fall over the line at the end of another hectic day with a heavy heart knowing that you get to do it all again tomorrow?

But you know me, ever practical, ever actionable, ever realistic.

That’s why I have an exciting new project that’s just starting to bubble away under the surface.

The SuperMum App.

I want this to be something I develop alongside you, so although it’s a long way off yet, I’d like you to be with me every step of the way.

Today on High Five Friday, I talk about my life experiences, before and after kids, and how that makes me perfectly placed to develop this tool. I want the App to be something that is beside you, on your phone, in your pocket, and with you on your journey through motherhood.

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Hope you enjoy today’s show