070: A Moment of Reflection; A Gift for You

with Olivia Horne

Are you being a friend to yourself?

[Olivia Horne]

Sometimes in life, you meet someone whose philosophy to life you immediately resonate with.

Olivia Horne was one of those people. When I spoke with her in Episode 45, she talked with such passion, truth and insight that I found myself swallowing hard.

That was before I listened to her guided meditations on YouTube, which completely blew me away.

You’ll hear about my emotional reaction to Olivia’s meditations on today’s episode, but off the back of our conversation, Olivia agreed to record a mummy meditation, especially for SuperMum listeners.

You can grab this free goodie by clicking the link below.

Today on High Five Friday, Olivia Horne talks about the importance of mums taking time out for themselves and the practicalities of doing it.

I hope you make sure you give yourself the gift of time to enjoy the meditation.

You deserve it.

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Hope you enjoy today’s show