069: How to Nurture with Love, and Appreciate Your Own Significant Story

with Ruby Gwen

How you think, colours the way you choose to do things

 [Ruby Gwen]

Admit it. Before you set out on your parenting journey, you had a firm idea of the type of parent you’d be. But there are times that, with crying babies, wilful toddlers and argumentative schoolies, living up to that dream makes you feel like you’ve failed the ‘perfect parent’ test. Big time.

In today’s episode of Mum-to-Mum Monday we’ll be addressing what it means to be a mindful parent, how to include your children in your everyday thoughts and tasks, and the way to enjoy the experience of these intense years alongside your kids.

My guest today is SuperMum, Ruby Gwen.

Ruby, who lives in the UK, is the mother of two-and-a-half year old Christian; a proud wife; and a lover of all things creative and inspiring. She’s a the founder of Nurture with Love; as well as a “story-preneur” who helps passionate women turn their awesome story & life lessons into profitable and impactful story-based products.

Ruby lives, breathes, and teaches her motherhood philosophy of gentle, mindful parenting. Through her programs she teaches the 3 cornerstones of her own mothering philosophy; acceptance, empathy and inspiration. This helps both parents and their children to feel more connected and heard.

In her own life, Ruby successfully combines mindful parenting with running a business so nothing and no-one feels left out in the cold.

Ruby also believes there is a unique story inside us all, just waiting to come out. A story that, with the right cultivation, can become your most powerful asset. In this episode Ruby helps you explore the significance of your own story and teaches you how to align it with your own personal and professional needs.

I’m delighted to welcome Ruby to my show today. She brings with her kindness, compassion and nurturing, and shares experiences of raising her own child whilst running a business. In doing so, you’ll learn how to Nurture with Love and appreciate your own significant story.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Ruby’s heart wrenching story of being bought up in communist Vietnam, and how her early life led her to where she is now
  • How to apply the three cornerstones of Ruby’s motherhood philosophy to become a gentle and mindful parent
  • Some useful tips on how to be present for your children while running a business
  • How you can successfully tread the thin line between balancing motherhood and your work
  • The Significant Story inside of you that’s waiting to come out, and how you can turn it into your unique asset
  • How to find the courage and clarity to share your unique story with the world by turning it into a source of inspiration, income and impact

Hope you enjoy today’s show