066: Stop ‘Doing’ and Start ’Being
(At Least for a While)

with Michelle Dawson

I am a human being, not a human doing

[Wayne Dyer]

I love the term ‘hanging out’. I’d not really heard it much before I moved to Australia ten years ago. But here it’s part of the everyday language.

Hanging out means just ‘being’. Spending time doing whatever takes your fancy. No agenda, no plans, nowhere to be. Just hanging out.

I love it because when someone in Australia asks what you’ve been up to, you can answer, ‘hanging out’. Which is much more socially acceptable than saying I’ve been idling around the house in my pyjamas, drinking tea and watching kids TV.

Because in our minds, ‘being’ can often be construed as being unproductive or lazy.

Today on High Five Friday, Michelle Dawson talks about the importance of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ all the time.

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