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045: How to Be Happy as You Muddle Through Motherhood | Olivia Horne

Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I posses

[Ken Dodd]

Want to know how to be happy, happy, happy?

Welcome to Mum-to-Mum Monday where you’re about to rediscover your happiness. Remember that? The smiling face you used to have that’s long-since been buried under piles of laundry and the demands of family life.

But today you’ll discover how to reconnect with your inner joy, even during the most challenging of times, while the little people in your world continue to keep you rushed off your feet.

My guest today is SuperMum, Olivia Horne.

Olivia is a Happiness Coach and lives in West London with her husband and two daughters who are 4 and almost 2. Her degree in Experimental Psychology from The University of Oxford, UK and vast experience in the Well-Being Industry was bought together after her less-than-magical first experience of motherhood.

It compelled her to help change the lives of other mothers so they don’t encounter the same negative experience of motherhood that she suffered.

Juggling young children, work, relationships and the demands of running a household is all in a days work for Olivia. But she has learned, and is able to teach you, that being in touch with your happiness is critical in moulding your day to day decisions. You’ll be better able to tap into your instincts, give yourself the freedom of choice and become more self-assured in your life as a parent.

As Olivia says, the expectations of motherhood can be very different from the reality, and this can very quickly erode your sense of identity, confidence and your capacity to care for yourself. But she will help you peel away your feelings of frustration, self-doubt, worry and guilt to reveal the happiness that’s been lurking beneath all along.

When you’re able to connect with your own internal happiness you can finally learn to slow down and smell the roses, live in the moment a little more, and be truthful with yourself. Your life then becomes more joyful and carefree as you muddle through motherhood.

I can’t wait to introduce Olivia to you today as she will help you to find your buried happiness and gently encourage it back to the surface.

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In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How Olivia turned around her numb, lonely, exhausting and scary first experience of motherhood and found happiness
  • The definition of true, authentic happiness. Not the ‘jazz-hands’ type, but the type that sits quietly inside you
  • How Olivia used her professional knowledge, skills and mummy-on-the-ground experience to become a Happiness Coach
  • Common issues and problems that crop up time and again with mums, and eats away their happiness
  • Some of the techniques a Happiness Coach uses to reconnect you with your previous joyful self
  • A ‘buffet’ of quick, everyday tips to bring you more happiness in a trice
  • How Olivia found her happy place and what happiness looks like for her


 Hope you enjoy todays show!

Tell me what you think?

If you want to leave a comment for a mum who understands the difficulties of motherhood but was able to overcome them, come and say hi.

And let us know in the comments;

What’s your happy place? What can you do to improve your life and find happiness right now?

Now, Go Conquer Motherhood!

Lisa York x

Show Notes:


BOOK RECOMMENDATION: When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillen

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Lisa York

Lisa believes a happy mum brings up happy kids who become happy adults. With four children aged 7, 6, 4 and 2, finding time for herself is an ongoing challenge. But she’s trying.

Lisa lives with her family in Canberra, Australia.

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2 replies
  1. Olivia Horne
    Olivia Horne says:

    Hi Lisa! Thank you again so much for having me on the show – it was really fun connecting with you and sharing some of what I have learned along this bonkers journey. I’d love to hear from your listeners with any questions, and especially with any of their own tips and tricks for turning the little frowns upside down :) Sending love to all xx

  2. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    What’s your happy place?

    What can you do to improve your life and find happiness right now?

    Olivia and I would love to hear from you

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