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If you dream of being a SuperMum, I’m so glad you found me. Welcome to my website. You’ve come to the right place.

SuperMum is about having a positive mindset for motherhood. It’s about making wise choices, being confident in your decisions, having the determination to succeed, and believing in your heart that you’re doing an incredible job.

Because you are. Now you just need to believe it.

I can’t wait to share our journey through motherhood together. So grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy and I’ll show you around.

Step 1: Meet Lisa York

A mama in the trenches, just like you

I’m Lisa York, the 44 year old mother of four little rascals, aged 8, 7, 6 and 4. I’m a leukaemia mum. A podcaster. And a lover of life. I’m grasping motherhood by the balls and having the time of my life (well, at least, most of the time).

I passionately believe that a positive attitude plays a vital role in your experience as a mum, and makes the journey much more enjoyable. Aristotle was right, “happiness depends on ourselves”.

But before you go running for the hills, let me assure you, I’m not here to add more guilt to your already exploding mind or more jobs to your already overflowing workload.

I’m here to help simplify things. So let’s get started

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Finally. Someone taking things off  your to-do list for a change.

Step 3: Listen to the Podcast

Make the menial meaningful

Let’s face it SuperMum. When do you ever get chance to sit and read? But podcasts, well they’re audio, and audio goes with you anywhere.

Listening to podcasts is multi-tasking heaven. You can fuel yourself with knowledge and inspiration while chipping away at that never-ending job list. And boy, we’ve all got a long one of those.

Monotonous cleaning is a brain food session. Driving is an opportunity to get stimulated. Folding laundry becomes fascinating.

Podcasts are easy and free. They’re simply audio files that you listen to from your mobile device or computer. Podcasts are available on demand, so every time your little darlings pull you away, just hit pause and come back to it later.

If only your kids came with a pause button as well.

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