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If you dream of being a SuperMum, I’m so glad you found me. Welcome to my website. You’ve come to the right place.

SuperMum is about having a positive mindset for motherhood. It’s about making wise choices, being confident in your decisions, having the determination to succeed, and believing in your heart that you’re doing an incredible job.

Because you are, even on the awful days. Now you just need to believe it.

I can’t wait to share our journey through motherhood together. So grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy and I’ll show you the six steps to becoming part of the SuperMum movement.

Step 1: Meet Lisa York

A mama in the trenches, just like you

I’m Lisa York, the mum of Fred, Alex, Benny and Lizzy who are all at primary (elementary) school.

I’m the host of The SuperMum Podcast, and the founder of Let’s Conquer Motherhood an online membership program for mums like you; the ones who take action and strive for success in spite of the constant hurdles and hiccups of motherhood.

I passionately believe that a positive attitude plays a vital role in your experience as a mum, and makes the journey much more enjoyable. Aristotle was right, “happiness depends on ourselves”.

But before you go running for the hills, let me assure you, I’m not here to add more guilt to your already exploding mind or more jobs to your already overflowing workload.

I’m here to help simplify things. So let’s get started

Step 2: Claim Your FREE Video Series

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Each day for 9 days I’ll send you a short but action-packed 3 minute video telling you 9 things a SuperMum doesn’t do.

Finally. Someone taking things off  your to-do list for a change.

Step 3: Listen to the Podcast

Make the menial meaningful

Podcasts are perfect for mums because you can fill your mind with the great ideas, knowledge and advice, while doing other things.

Every Monday, I interview a different mum with a story to tell, or some great advice to share. I’m all about keeping it real, so in each episode you’ll find out more about me – the highs and the lows – and how I relate the advice to my own motherhood experiences.

I share what’s gone right, but more importantly, I share what’s gone wrong. It’s never preachy. It’s never judgemental. It’s always honest. I’m frank with you about when I’m struggling, I confess that I’ve shouted at my kids, it’s a warts ‘n’ all kinda podcast.

Take a listen, I know you’ll like it. And I think you’ll breathe a sigh of relief that you’re not the only one who feels the way you do.

Want me to let you now each Monday when the podcast goes live? Just join my email list right away. Through my emails, you’ll also have instant access to all the freebies, where my guests give away amazing gifts such as spots on their online courses, free memberships, copies of their books, free coaching sessions and so much more.

Step 4: Become a Mum Member

Join Let’s Conquer Motherhood TODAY

Let’s Conquer Motherhood is an online community of smart and savvy women who know that surrounding themselves with other high-calibre mums is one of the keys to success.

I’ve bought together the know-how that I’ve gained from interviewing hundreds of mums, alongside my own experience as a mum of four and packed it into useful, bite-sized content that I’ve carefully crafted and created for mums just like you.

Whilst the podcast is all about gaining knowledge, Let’s Conquer Motherhood focuses on breaking it down and putting the teachings into action. This will result in a whole host of positive transformations in your life. Less stress, less overwhelm, less guilt. Better relationships, more time, more fun.

When you become a member, you’ll have access to our full library of exclusive members-only content; all the live expert workshops, regular monthly Meet-Ups, all the teachings and trainings, and, of course, our private Facebook group.

You only have one shot at motherhood and you need to get it right, so I urge you to join my online membership program straight away so you can get to work. The sooner you start the better, because you don’t want to look back when they’re all grown up and wish you’d done more.

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