Welcome to a world with

More Money in Your Bank

You Work your Socks Off in your Online Business.

It’s time to get paid.

There are 6 Key Components to a

Well-Oiled Money-Making Machine

Element 1: content

Content Captures Interest

Your podcast, blog, vlog and social media should always send people to your website. Always.

Element 2: website

Your Website is a Net

Scoop up visitors like a giant virtual net and transform them into email subscribers before they click away.

Element 3: Leads

Attract Email Subscribers

A well-designed lead magnet will bring in a stream of new warm leads to your email list.

Element 4: email

Write Addictive Emails

Interesting emails will be opened and read, creating the optimum platform from which to sell.

Element 5: offerings

Profitable Products

Curate a suite of products or services that people are itching to buy, but also make you money.

Element 6: sales

Learn to Love Selling

Selling is the lifeblood of your business. Don’t shy away, instead, it’s time to embrace and love it.

Let’s Roll Up our sleeves and get to work.

Here’s your simple 2-phase plan of attack ……

Phase ONE: elements: 1-5

Generate Hot Leads

If you want to make more sales, you first need to get more leads.

A fully optimised sales funnel will leave you with red hot prospects, primed and ready to pull out their credit card.

You might have a sales funnel in place, but that doesn’t mean it’s working.

If you want a better bottom line, first we’ll Fix Your Funnel.

Fix my funnel

Signature Program

Phase two: element 6

Make More Sales

With the groundwork in place, it’s time to make some nice juicy sales!

I’ll devise your campaign strategy, create a sales page, plan a live or evergreen launch, or set up an automated email sales sequence.

You’ll be quoted a low-risk fixed fee plus a performance-based percentage.

Which means you pay AFTER the sales come rolling in.

campaigns & launches

Performance-Based Pricing

Reply to any email at any time and I’ll get back to you before you can say …

Sell More Stuff!

You’re a pro through and through. Professional, well-prepared, and fun to work with

Working with you is an absolute joy …. your quality stands out

I highly recommend working with Lisa

You’re so professional and easy to deal with

Lisa’s style is relaxed, yet, professional, making the whole experience a breeze

I’m highly impressed by how streamlined and efficient the whole process was

[You] took me through the whole process so that it all felt easy peasy

Lisa was professional and thoughtful from start to finish

You made it so easy and so much fun

The whole experience was wonderful; really well organised and it all ran smoothly

Thanks for being you; amazing, honest, authentic and generous

A great experience from start to finish. Your processes are simply inspiring

You were so professional, relaxed, and focused throughout the whole process, you made it easy