How to overcome stress

As you’ll hear from my story, it wasn’t too long ago I was diagnosed with severe stress. You may have heard me say on the podcast that I never considered myself a worrier. That I’m quite a positive person and always try to find the bright side of life, even when things feel tough or are looking pretty grim.

But like many mums, I had started to experience big emotions. Anger, anxiety, worry. It’s almost as if the emotions had started to feed into themselves, gnawing away in my head.

So I made a choice.

I decided to turn things around and look at the underlying causes. I started looking at my energy drains and my daily habits, and when I started taking action everything changed for me. This is why I consider these as the building blocks of the content inside my membership, Let’s Conquer Motherhood.

How would you feel to have a clear, actionable pathway laid out in front of you so that you too could start to break down the big emotions you’re experiencing on a daily basis? Now you can when you join our group of high-calibre mums inside Let’s Conquer Motherhood.