How to overcome stress

As you’ll hear from my story, recorded at the end of 2018, I was diagnosed with severe stress.

You may have heard me say on the podcast that I never considered myself a worrier. That I’m quite a positive person and always try to find the bright side of life, even when things feel tough or are looking pretty grim.

But like many mums, I had started to experience big emotions. Anger, anxiety, worry.

My emotions had started to feed into themselves, gnawing away in my head.

So I made a choice.

I decided to turn things around and look at the underlying causes.

It took time and perseverance, but I started by focusing on what was draining my energy. (You can do that too with my Energy Drains Checklist). The results surprised me because it had nothing to do with eating more broccoli and taking more exercise. 

As a result of that, I looked at my daily habits and started taking small but consistent action to change things.

It was a major turning point for me.

It was so effective, that these steps became the building blocks for my program, Let’s Conquer Motherhood.

How would you feel to have a clear, actionable pathway laid out in front of you so that you too could start to break down the big emotions you’re experiencing on a daily basis?

Well, now you can.

When you join our group of high-calibre mums inside Let’s Conquer Motherhood, I’ll show you the way.