Take back control and finally enjoy the back out of your mum-life

Mums are juggling so many balls they often end up feeling overloaded and exhausted.

Through my one year program, Let’s Conquer Motherhood, I guide you to take the right kind of bite-sized action to take back control so you can shed the guilt and finally feel like you’re a really good mum.

Naomi: Thanks for being a brave pioneer of all things mums, mindset, honest and real. You have really encouraged me today  – I am not strange, radical or loosing the plot after all!!


Marie: Let’s Conquer Motherhood shows great videos on each topic to provide context, research, insights hosted by Lisa. Partnered with a tool kit which gives you the step by step guidance to make the changes.


Mandie: I’m so in love with Let’s Conquer Motherhood, the platform really clever. It’s easy to use and full of fantastic information! I don’t need to go anywhere else, a one-stop-shop of everything a mum needs.


Jeni: Loving Let’s Conquer Motherhood. What an inspiring community of women.


Katie Ann: I absolutely LOVE your work, it inspires me and always leaves me feeling much more positive than before.

Katie Ann

Stephanie: Thank you for some great content on Let’s Conquer Motherhood! You are fantastic at the interviews, keeping the conversations on track, and getting the message across in an applicable way.


Monica: Thank you Lisa for all the great advice!!! I really do learn so much from you.


Marie: Let’s Conquer Motherhood is a beautifully structured program which gives mums the inspiration to believe we can make positive change, partnered with carefully crafted, easily digestible content that actually makes the change possible.


Sarah: I loved listening to Episode 100, Lisa. I feel like I’ve got to know you a bit from the episodes where you interview other people – but this really drew the curtains back on who you are and what makes you tick. Your positivity is incredible – I have nothing but admiration for the way you approach life.


Kate: Fabulous! I love your work. I really could have used it years ago when my kids were young , but now I just love listening and recommending it to moms I know. Lisa is an amazing being.


Elaine: Let’s Conquer Motherhood is such a great resource. The videos, audios and articles in bite size pieces are great to dive into and come back to again and again. But I especially love the community. Sharing ideas with other mums in the same situation as me is reassuring and helpful.


Melissa: Thank you for caring so much about mums – it really shows in your work.


Dyan: I stumbled upon your work whilst in the state of desperation wondering if I was the only mum out there struggling with the things that I do. Your podcasts and videos have brought a lot of clarity and validation to the emotions and thoughts that I had which was muddled with the exhaustion of looking after a new baby. Thank you for all your efforts in creating this community where mothers can come to and feel NORMAL! Love your work!


Amy: Lisa’s such a refreshing and uplifting gift to mothers everywhere. You will find support and information for every aspect of your life from self-care to career and everything in between


Islay: A massive thank you for all your positivity in helping me and so many other mums through really tricky stages. You’ve become my ‘go to’ guru.


Jasmin: Your work is so relatable and honest. You make me realise I’m not doing a bad job as a mum after all, especially when I’m in a downward spiral of nagging and negativity.


Marie: Let’s Conquer Motherhood is easy to follow and you can dip in and out when you find yourself with a few precious moments to yourself.


Tanya: I love spending time with you inside Let’s Conquer Motherhood. You’re a great facilitator of really useful and helpful conversations and workshops.


Jenna: I’m a mum of two (4 and 1) who struggles with energy levels, exhaustion, boredom, frustration, balancing work and home life. The Let’s Conquer Motherhood ‘Energy Drains’ course has really helped.


Lulu: Your work is inspiring and I’m empowered by it. You always come across as an honest, genuine and kind mum and you’ve become a huge influence in my life.