you’re itching to Make More Sales

So jump on my email list and I’ll show you how

you’re itching to Make More Sales

So jump on my email list and I’ll show you how

Still here?

I thought I told you to get on my list.

Oh. You’ve got questions ….

Fair Enough. Here we go ….

My winning smile, sharp wit and contagious personality.


You’re signing up for my emails.

Say it myself, I shouldn’t, but you might just end up being addicted to my emails.

If you’re interested in getting paid a whole lot more from the relentless hours of hard work you’ve already put into your online biz, then try me for size.

You, my dear.


But only if you have a relatively established online business.

And a product or service ready to sell, but are struggling to do so.

Oh, and you must be completely sold on the power of email marketing because that’s what I’ll be doing to make you oodles of sales.

This is make-money-while-you-sleep territory.

You won’t find me on social media, so it’s either get on my list or nothing! 🤷‍♀️

Hmmm. So you like to niche, hey?


It doesn’t really matter what your specialty is.

Far more important is that we like and trust each other and gel brilliantly once we get to work.

I’ve helped clients with things as diverse as selling wild bird food, leasing New York commercial spaces and HR coaching.

I luuurrrve the element of surprise, so try me.

Once you sign up, I’ll invite you to connect if you want to.

Well done. Very observant …

(if a little stroppy).

But you’re quite right.

And chances are, I won’t recommend the same strategy to you.

But you’re arrived at this page because either:

a) you know me personally (hello, lovely lady) or

b) someone you trust recommended me (in which case, nice to meet you).

My business runs purely on word-of-mouth. I don’t create content, I don’t do social media, and I don’t advertise.


Because I offer a 1-2-1 bespoke service so I only take on a teeny tiny handful of clients.

Which means I’m doing the stark opposite of everyone else and trying to keep my list small.

So go ahead and sign up, but shhhh, let’s keep it quiet shall we.

Have faith, my friend. Have faith.

If you want your business to be successful, sometimes you have to take a chance.

Having been a Solopreneur my entire life, I know you’ve got this ‘chicken and egg’ thing going on.

You need money to make money. You can’t make money if you don’t have money. Round and round you go.

Let’s just say, a little bird told me that signing up might just be worth your while.

Errr, yes 🤪.

Repeat after me,

“A business sells stuff.

A business sells stuff.

A business sells stuff.”

That’s the ticket, now you’re getting the hang of it.

Saying that, I’m also doing something rather unconventional to help a handful of small business owners get a leg up into the big league.

Which I’ll ONLY share with you by email, so go ahead and sign up.

Then I’ll dramatically hurl my laptop into the bin and dissolve into a pile of tears.

But …..

As hard as it is to believe, you might decide I’m not the girl for you.

In which case we’ll fondly wave our handkerchieves as your ship sets sail to the land of unsubscribe.

I’m not after your blood, commitment, or hand in marriage, just a lil’ old email address. And it could just be the best thing you ever did for your bottom line.

Why not suck it and see?

Easy tiger, I’m a happily married woman with four kids.

Let’s take this one step at a time shall we ….

You can start by signing up at the top of the page👆.

You’re kidding me right.

What an earth did you do????

Never mind.

Just email me a screenshot of the filled in form and I’ll add you manually.

My email is: lisa@<insert my URL>.com

(I have to write it like that to stop those pesky spam bots from signing up. Always asking me out on dates, they are).

Oh, and don’t forget the all-important dash between ‘Lisa’ and ‘York’ or else it will fly around in cyberspace forever.

Then you’ll never end up making your fortune, retiring to a tropical island and sipping cocktails on the beach forever.

No … it’s just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

So scroll back up to that opt-in box 👆 and let the adventure begin.