You’ve shelled out thousands on online courses with the promise of 6-figures. But the sales still aren’t rolling in.

if you want to

Increase your Sales

you need some 1-2-1 help

You’re relentlessly stoking the social media beast, wearing all the hats and working your socks off creating content.

but still not making much money

You work hard on your small business.

You’ve created a product or service your customers love, you’re building your email list and churning out regular weekly content.

it’s time to wallow in the passive income utopia that all the gurus keep talking about. 

But your 6-figure dream hasn’t yet materialised and you wonder;

Do I have what it takes to make my business work?

I hate to see you struggle.

If you call it quits, not only do you end up stuck in a job that doesn’t light you up …..

….. but the world will lose all the goodness you have to offer.

But a lack of sales is not your fault.

The problem is a leaky sales funnel.

Let me explain.

An effective funnel leads a prospect on a journey. They go from knowing nothing about you to loving you so much that they buy all your goodies.

The good news is …

If you create content, own a website, and have an email list you already have the three corner stones of a strong sales funnel.

6 key components

to a well-oiled sales funnel

Element 1: content

Content Captures Interest

Your podcast, blog, vlog and social media should always send people to your website. Always.

Element 2: website

Your Website is a Net

Scoop up visitors like a giant virtual net and transform them into email subscribers before they click away.

Element 3: Leads

Attract Subscribers

An effective lead magnet can bring in hundreds or thousands of potential prospects.

Element 4: email

Create Addictive Emails

Interesting emails will be opened and read, creating a platform from which to sell

Element 5: offerings

Products and Services

Curate the best possible product suite, and learn to maximise profitability

Element 6: sales

Know How to Sell

Selling is the lifeblood of your business. Don’t shy away, instead, learn to embrace it

Sales funnels are pretty simple.

First, they discover you. Maybe they heard your podcast, found your article on Google, or started following you on social.

From there, they head to your website and join your email list.

You send out some emails, and BOOM, they buy your stuff.

Easy, right?

Well, it is in theory.

The hard part is seamlessly making all the parts join up.

Sadly, most small business owners stuff it up.

Get it wrong and your business leaks precious sales and eventually goes to the wall.

But get it right and you’re in make-money-while-you-sleep territory.

I’ll fix your funnel so the sales start pouring in

You’re a pro through and through. Professional, well-prepared, and fun to work with

Working with you is an absolute joy …. your quality stands out

I highly recommend working with Lisa

You’re so professional and easy to deal with

Lisa’s style is relaxed, yet, professional, making the whole experience a breeze

I’m highly impressed by how streamlined and efficient the whole process was

[You] took me through the whole process so that it all felt easy peasy

Lisa was professional and thoughtful from start to finish

You made it so easy and so much fun

The whole experience was wonderful; really well organised and it all ran smoothly

Thanks for being you; amazing, honest, authentic and generous

A great experience from start to finish. Your processes are simply inspiring

You were so professional, relaxed, and focused throughout the whole process, you made it easy

Starter DIY

  • Funnel Review & Strategy

Team Work

  • Strategy, plus Copywriting

Done For You

  • Strategy. Write. Implement
NB: Sales Funnel Copywriting does NOT include content writing (e.g. blog posts, podcast episodes, social media posts), or creating the content of your lead magnet.