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Be My Guest on The SuperMum Podcast

Hello SuperMum!

I’d love you to be my guest on The SuperMum Podcast. This should answer any questions you have but if you need to know anything else, just ask.

Podcasting is great fun and I can’t wait to get started.

About the Show

The Podcast:

The SuperMum Podcast was launched in August 2016, and within weeks made the prestigious ‘New and Noteworthy’ in iTunes. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength.

My Audience:

My mum listeners are well-educated, professional, and successful women in their 30’s and early 40’s who have pre-school and primary (elementary) school-aged children.

They primarily live in the UK, USA, and Australia but all have something in common. They strive to do the best they can in life and for their children and want to learn and grow from the wisdom of other mums.

Listener Numbers:

Listener numbers are growing month on month. The average of the most popular ten episodes is 1,216 downloads per episode and some episodes have exceeded 1,600 downloads.

My mums are highly-targeted, and therefore enthusiastic listeners, and are ready with open ears to hear what you have to say.

Previous Guests:

My predominantly British, American and Australian guests are successful coaches, accompished public speakers, published authors, well-known journalists, as well as ordinary mums with an interesting story to tell.

They include:

Let’s Work Together

How Will You Benefit?

  • You’ll have the opportunity to share your story or teachings with my eager listeners in your own words
  • An email dedicated specifically to your episode will be sent to all our subscribers
  • Your episode will be publicised multiple times across all our social media channels on the day of the broadcast and regularly throughout the following week
  • Memes of poignant statements / quotes / reviews and so on, which we will share with you, will be produced
  • If you have an online presence, there’s an opportunity on the podcast to share your offerings, broadcast your URL, and invite listeners to come and visit you online
  • All your information (website / Social Media handles / links) will be listed in the Show Notes
  • A dedicated write up with photos will be featured on the SuperMum website
  • A free giveaway to accompany your episode is created to encourage people to tune in
  • The most popular episodes are re-broadcast during podcasting breaks
  • If you wish, you can make my listeners an offer or give away a freebie
  • In some cases, I’ve gone on to form longer-term alliances with my guests

NB: If you don’t have an online presence, that’s absolutely fine. I love talking to ordinary mothers and hearing their story.

What I expect in return?

My aim is to grow listener numbers so more mums can benefit from this amazing mummy wisdom. My team and I work hard to create an audio podcast and accompanying write up which is professional, engaging and informative. We highlight and promote your offerings and showcase you in a positive light.

To that end, I’d like you to ….

  1. Notify the followers on your list, either by separate email or as an inclusion to your regular email
  2. Share the episode – a minimum of twice – on each of your Social Media platforms

NB: This does not apply to guests who do not have an online presence 

Thanks for being part of SuperMum. It’s what you have to share that makes the show so popular.

You can read about the experiences of my other guests in the comments below.

75 replies
  1. Amy Rasdal
    Amy Rasdal says:

    I loved being on the show! Thank you so much Lisa and Elaine for making it such a fun and easy experience! Through our conversation I got to share so many of my best tips for starting your own successful consulting business and living the life you deserve! So happy to kick-off our friendship and collaboration. Thank you again for having me!

  2. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    Thanks you so much Jane. It was lovely to chat to you on Zoom and get to know you better. Looking forward to doing our interview together in a few months time x

  3. Jane Hinchliffe
    Jane Hinchliffe says:

    Hi Lisa, can’t wait to be a guest on your show in Spring 2019! I’m a big fan of what you’re doing and think this podcast is a must for mums, business owners and well, women generally! Jane x

  4. Melissa Bruijn
    Melissa Bruijn says:

    Hi Lisa & Elaine and all the team – we just wanted to say thank you so much for the experience of working with you all, to get this podcast happening.

    Lisa – you just asked such great questions, and made us feel so comfortable, and managed to get the very best out of us, that really enabled us to give some insights that will hopefully inspire women to take steps towards healing. It can be really nerve-wracking, being interviewed, and from the very start you made it easy with your outlines about ‘what to expect’ and by the time we were sitting together over Skype, I was relaxed and ready. Deb and I would also like to commend you on the professional approach you both have – it made such a difference in the prep for the interview, and made us feel confident and supported.

    Thank you so much, from us both, for a wonderful experience xx

  5. Lucy parsons
    Lucy parsons says:

    As a long-time listener to The Supermum Podcast I was thrilled to actually have a conversation with Lisa. The interview was very professionally organised and I was kept fully informed at all times. Lisa and Elaine were so friendly, I feel like Lisa and I have kindled a true friendship. Thank you for having me!

  6. Rebecca RYan
    Rebecca RYan says:

    Lisa, Thank you for having me on The Supermum Podcast. I had so much fun chatting with you. Your interview style is warm and conversational, but also professional. I think that is part of what makes your podcast so easy to listen to and so informative. Thanks to Elaine and all the rest of your behind the scene support for being so organised. It was super easy and enjoyable to be your guest. All the best, Rebecca

  7. Becca Moore
    Becca Moore says:

    I had an amazing time chatting with Lisa. The whole experience was wonderful, really well organized and it all ran smoothly. Lisa is warm and supportive and handled a difficult topic really sensitively. I loved talking with her and was so glad of the opportunity to reach so many mothers all over the world. Thanks!

  8. Anna Seewald
    Anna Seewald says:

    Lisa, It has been my absolute joy to speak with you about emotions, authenticity, trauma and parenting. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful space for mums. What an incredible, rich resource!
    Thanks for being you; amazing, honest, authentic and generous! You are truly an inspiration for many. It was my honor to be a guest. I can’t wait to deepen our connection. Wishing you good luck in the your mission and you have my full support. Much love, Anna Seewald

  9. Suzy Reading
    Suzy Reading says:

    Hi Lisa,

    It was a complete joy and a great privilege to record a podcast with you. I’ve done a few in the last 6 months and I think our one is the one that stands out as the most warm, accessible and relatable. Thank you so much for your friendship, support and advocacy. I am so grateful to you and your team for making it such a smooth process and a tremendous result. I hope it uplifts and nourishes many mums!

    So much love your way. Keep doing what you’re doing – it is so needed!

    Suz xx

  10. Sara Campin
    Sara Campin says:

    Thanks so much for having me on the show Lisa. I really enjoyed chatting with you. And what a professional support team you have. Keep up the amazing work. xxx

  11. Sarah Hausler
    Sarah Hausler says:

    Thanks so much for having me on the show. It was such a lovely experience, very professional – I was highly impressed by how streamlined and efficient the whole process was.

  12. Rachelle Glendon
    Rachelle Glendon says:

    Thank you so much for having me on the SuperMum Podcast! Lisa, you really know how to put your guests at easy and ask the juicy questions! I had so much fun and Elaine was really helpful and communicative too. Absolutely love your podcast and wish you well with it for the future! xx

  13. Claire Ketchum
    Claire Ketchum says:

    Lisa, it was a pleasure being a guest on the Supermum Podcast. I had such a great time chatting with you and having a chance to share my mission of helping teens break out of the Chronic Stress Loop, so they can create healthy habits, manage expectations better, experience more success and be happy and healthy in school and beyond.

  14. Sacha Kaluri
    Sacha Kaluri says:

    We loved being a part of your podcast Lisa. Thank you so much for having us. It was so much fun. You have such a warm welcoming vibe. Your information really does make much such a difference to families. Keep up the great work. Big Hugs and gratitude Sonya Karras and Sacha Kaluri xxx

  15. Lisa Zawistowski
    Lisa Zawistowski says:

    I’m honored to have been interviewed for the show. I think what you are doing with the Supermum Podcast is awesome and I super love your way. You’re kind and cheery and so easy to chat with that the interview went by so fast! I found myself wishing we could chat longer. You totally made me feel comfy from start to finish. I sincerely hope I have helped your mums and I’d do it again. Elaine was superb too!

  16. Clare Crew
    Clare Crew says:

    A great experience from start to finish Lisa. Your processes are simply inspiring! Thanks so much for having me on the show. It’s been great to discover who you are and what you’re contributing to the world.

  17. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    I had such a lovely time being interviewed by Lisa that it almost felt like a chat over a cup of tea rather than a podcast recording! She was inviting and warm and put me totally at ease. Thanks Lisa!! Go SUPERmums!

  18. Kimberley Smith
    Kimberley Smith says:

    Thank you Lisa for inviting me on the SuperMum Podcast! It was such an honour to connect with you and share my story. I loved every minute and have received some wonderful feedback. You were so professional and easy to deal with – you really are a SuperMum! Look forward to following you on social media and staying in touch! Kimmy

  19. Ruby Gwen
    Ruby Gwen says:

    Lisa, it was a great joy to be on your show. I enjoyed our chat so much. You have such a special gift of connecting with people from your heart and drawing out the best in them by asking questions. You’re a fantastic interviewer:) Keep up your incredible work. You’re inspiring so many women. I’ll be watching your business grow with great interest. Thanks again for having me on the show.

  20. Holly Christie
    Holly Christie says:

    Thanks so much for having me on the show Lisa. I felt incredibly honoured to speak about the sometimes controversial issue of solo parenting. You handled everything so professionally and sensitively. I never felt out of my depth and your insightful, gentle questions helped me feel confident in sending a positive message about living the right life for you and your family. I look forward to working with you again in the future. x

  21. Monica Froese
    Monica Froese says:

    Lisa, thank you so much for having me on the show! It was such a pleasure to chat with you about being a “Super Mum!” I love listening to all of your new episodes and I’m humbled that you asked me to be a guest. Keep up the great work!

  22. Ali Katz
    Ali Katz says:

    I really enjoyed working with Lisa and being a guest on the show. We had a really informative and fun conversation, a true connection, and together gave tons of practical tips for moms. Lisa was professional and thoughtful from start to finish, and I can’t wait to be on her show again at some point!

  23. Lekki Frazier-Wood
    Lekki Frazier-Wood says:

    Like so many other contributors, I was so nervous before hand. However – you just made the whole experience really fun (it was like talking to a friend or my mum!) and you did an amazing job of making me sound interesting – even I wanted to hear what I had to say after your write up :-) We talked about how it was raising children away from home, and now I am moving back home I would love to speak to you about that experience.

    Really, you are the best and I love your podcasts. I definitely would encourage anyone to participate.

  24. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    I’m glad you loved the experience Joss. I do like a good old chat, especially when it’s an inspiring one. Thanks for the huge vote of confidence and an even huger thank you for coming on my show and educating us about Theta Healing.

    055: Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing? | Joss Hobson

  25. Joss Hobson
    Joss Hobson says:

    Lisa you are so amazing to talk with. Thank you for being so organised and making it so easy and joyful to have a conversation with you. I love what you are doing. I would have loved to have had your amazing SuperMum Podcast to listen to when my children were young. You are creating a podcast that makes it so easy to share this information, and I’m sure it will inspire so many Mums and make a difference to so many families. Thanks for inviting me, and I encourage anyone who you feel inspired to contact, to sign up!

  26. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    You should launch your own podcast Fay, and certainly consider being a guest on other shows. You’re a complete natural and should definitely make it part of your business mix. Good luck, and let me know when you’re ready – I’d love to show you the ropes! I was so great working with you.

    053: Navigating the Complexities of Your Clan and Your Career | Fay Wallis

  27. Fay Wallis
    Fay Wallis says:

    I had never been on a guest on a podcast before and I felt quite nervous about the idea when Lisa approached me, especially after listening to lots of her other podcast episodes where all of the guests never seemed to stumble or say “um” and “er” (something I was worried would happen to me). However, I shouldn’t have worried. Lisa was incredibly down to earth and friendly; she somehow managed to make the experience feel like I was chatting to an old friend. She also reassured me that she could easily edit out any stumbles (and she made good on this promise). I think it also helped that I was able to discuss the questions Lisa in advance of the recording which meant I had made notes to help remind me of key things I wanted to say in answer to the different questions. I ended up really enjoying the experience and it has now got me thinking of (maybe) launching my own podcast at a point in the future….. So, thank you Lisa. You are an inspiration and a wonderful person to work with x

  28. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    You certainly are a SuperMum Bel! What an inspiring story you have of selling up your home and travelling around Australia teaching parents, teachers and children about the importance of healthy food. I absolutely loved talking to you too, and I agree, I wish the interview could have gone on longer.

    051: Change your Food, Change your Mood, Change your Life | Bel Smith

  29. Belinda Smith
    Belinda Smith says:

    I was shocked when Lisa reached out to interview me because I had never considered myself as a SuperMum. I had such a great time being interviewed by Lisa, it felt so easy and we could have talked for hours. Lisa’s style is relaxed, yet professional, making the whole experience a breeze. What I loved the most is the free format, Lisa would take an answer to a question, and pull out some fine detail and ask another question which she thought would be of interest to her listeners. I loved the experience.

  30. Libby Lennon
    Libby Lennon says:

    It was a wonderful experience being on Lisa’s show. I was a bit nervous (didn’t feel qualified to be on a ‘Super Mum’ podcast!) but she put me at ease. She’s such a wise mummy and her thoughtful questions made the podcast really interesting.

  31. Victoria Kate
    Victoria Kate says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by you Lisa! You were so professional, relaxed and focussed throughout the whole process, you made it easy, so it was a great experience. I love what you do in the SuperMum programme, such inspiring speakers. Thank you xx

  32. Julie Ann Cairns
    Julie Ann Cairns says:

    I had such fun being interviewed by Lisa! I love the work that she’s doing to support mums, and I think it’s so important… so I was really glad to be able to contribute to her audience! Thanks again Lisa :-)

  33. Jody Moore
    Jody Moore says:

    Working with Lisa was such a joy! She is lovely and professional and doing such important work. If you’re looking to share your message with more women I highly recommend working with Lisa.

  34. Renee Trudeau
    Renee Trudeau says:

    I really enjoyed our kitchen-table talk and sharing the transformative power of self-care—thanks so much for welcoming me into your community Lisa!

  35. Bee Rowlatt
    Bee Rowlatt says:

    Thanks Lisa! Wonderful to talk to you – keep up the inspiring work! love Bee xx

  36. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    I’ll be there, that’s for sure. Your courses sound amazing and it’s on my bucket list.

    Thanks for giving me your time, and putting your faith in me by coming on the show. I loved that you helped us step forward into uncertainty – a great lesson for every mum.

    041: How to Make a Virtue Out of Uncertainty | Victoria Labalme

  37. Victoria Labalme
    Victoria Labalme says:

    Lisa — it was a joy to be part of your podcast. You are a pro through and through. Professional, well prepared, and fun to work with! Looking forward to seeing your success grow and hoping to see YOU at a future Rock The Room® or Risk Forward® event!
    All my best,

  38. Lucy pollard
    Lucy pollard says:

    I loved being an early episode on this fabulous show! I’m a total techno low performer….but we did it! And people have told me I don’t sound horrendous so if I can work it, anyone can!!!
    May all the future lucky guests of Lisa enjoy every minute of the experience!

  39. Sara Robinson | Get Mom Balanced
    Sara Robinson | Get Mom Balanced says:

    Lisa- thank you for having me on as a guest! It was so great to chat about that challenges of being a mom and how we can handle those. It was such a great experience and I love what you’ve created!

  40. Mandie Spooner
    Mandie Spooner says:

    Thanks so much for having me on your amazing show Lisa. I really enjoyed it, it was my first Podcast and you made it so easy and so much fun. I love all the work that you do and the amazing topics you cover, keep it up, we all need you!

  41. Kate Snowise
    Kate Snowise says:

    Working with you was an absolute joy, Lisa. You are a complete professional, and that was clear throughout the interview process. I’ve had many of my listeners tell me how much they enjoyed our conversation. I felt like you kept me on track and pulled out all of the most important and pertinent information. Thank you for that! Among so many podcasts and hosts, I really think your quality stands out. Keep doing what you do.

  42. Olivia Horne
    Olivia Horne says:

    Thanks so much for having me on the show Lisa. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you. It was the first podcast I had done so I felt a bit nervous… but you put me completely at ease and took me through the whole process so that it all felt easy peasy. And despite some technical connection hitches on the day (!), you made a brilliant episode out of the chat we had. It was a real pleasure and really fun, so thanks again x

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