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9 Things a SuperMum DOESN’T Do

Welcome to Day 9

Leave a comment to tell me you made it here (not everyone does), so WELL DONE SuperMum!!

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Thank you for the video series, some great advice. I am going to watch them all again in one go hopefully this weekend maybe even with a hit cup of tea! x

  2. Helen
    Helen says:

    Thank you so much for the videos Lisa! Your advice has really helped me take a reality check and feel less bogged down by the small stuff. You’ve brought a real clarity to my thoughts that will help me be the best mummy I can be.

  3. Jodi Silverman
    Jodi Silverman says:

    Such great advice and such a hard practice to engage in. Thanks so much for this Lisa! Love, love loved it all. I actually have a great mindset challenge I cannot wait to share with you when we chat.

  4. Lisa York | SuperMum
    Lisa York | SuperMum says:

    Hi Lulu, I’m so glad my advice helped. You probably know that my eldest child has autism too. Accepting what you’ve been dealt is important, but that doesn’t make it any easier to come to terms with. I struggle daily with Fred. There’s so much good information and help out there though, but try not to get overwhelmed by it. And remember how important you are in all of this. Keeping yourself topped up will help your little one so much because you’ll need a bucket load of patience. Lots of love to you, Lisa x

  5. Lulu W
    Lulu W says:

    So true. Just learned that my child may be on the autistic spectrum, so this piece of advice was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment in time. Thanks so much Lisa! Really enjoy your podcasts too, they are a guiding light when I feel overwhelmed : )

  6. Jacqueline Styles
    Jacqueline Styles says:

    You epitomise the SuperMum!
    Well done Lisa!! You encourage, inspire and share affirmations to us all.
    So pleased to be on board!

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